Lodge Game Room

The Lodge Game Room is one of the activities featured at Walnut Ridge Retreat Center, offering a space for leisure and enjoyment as part of their retreat facilities. This area is tailored to enrich the experience of visitors, including youth camps, family camps, and various programs for individuals seeking a Christian camp experience near Indianapolis, Indiana. It’s a part of the retreat center‘s broader offer to provide a welcoming and engaging environment for campers, teens, youth, and young persons participating in day camps, teen camps, and free events, fostering community and personal growth within a Christian context.

Walnut Ridge Lake

Walnut Ridge Lake offers a serene setting for large groups and retreats, fostering fellowship among attendees. It’s an ideal location for various camps including summer camp, day camp, family camp, and teen camp, providing a scenic backdrop for campers to enjoy a range of activities and build community. This feature enhances the retreat experience, emphasizing outdoor engagement and spiritual growth.

Fire Pit

The Fire Pit at Walnut Ridge Retreat Center is a cozy gathering spot, perfect for enhancing the experience of the upcoming camp season. It offers a unique ambiance for overnight camp attendees to share stories, enjoy fellowship, and create lasting memories. It embodies the essence of outdoor adventure and community, making it a cherished space for every person involved in the camp experience.

Activity Field

The Activity Field at Walnut Ridge Retreat Center is a versatile outdoor space designed to host a variety of activities for campers of all ages. It serves as an ideal location for Christian camps near Indianapolis, Indiana, providing ample room for sports, games, and team-building exercises. This field is particularly beneficial for kids, offering a safe and engaging environment for young persons to participate in physical activities during their week at camp or as part of a day care program.

Hammock Forest

The Hammock Forest at Walnut Ridge Retreat Center offers a tranquil escape for relaxation and reflection, making it a perfect addition to the experiences at Indiana Christian camps. It’s designed to enhance the camping and youth camp experience, providing campers with a serene spot to unwind amidst nature. This unique feature underscores the center’s commitment to creating diverse outdoor environments where individuals can connect with nature and find peace.

Giant Slide

The Giant Slide at Walnut Ridge Retreat Center is a thrilling feature designed to bring joy and excitement to every child participating in their activities. It’s a standout attraction that adds to the adventurous spirit of the retreat, offering a fun and dynamic way for children to engage with the outdoors.