Instagram Hiring Guide for Christian Camps

The hiring season is in full swing, and many accomplished undergraduates and graduate students are already securing internships and Christian Camps Indiana positions. It makes sense to utilise Instagram to find new and returning staff members for your Indiana Christian Camps as 72% of young people use the platform every day for more than 28 minutes.

Here are some quick adjustments you may make to your camp’s Instagram plan to aid in 2022 staff recruitment.

Frequently post

Most administrators are aware that they should update Instagram often, but how frequently? The majority of experts advise posting up to three times every day. You are free to choose the rate.

If you choose to publish three times a day, be sure to maintain the caliber and relevance of your content. Contrary to popular belief, social media does not favor quantity over quality. Fewer, well-written articles will perform far better for your account than many, hurried ones.

Keep on updating highlights

Instagram Highlights let you collect Instagram Stories into collections and store them to your account. When accessing your account, this is the first item that potential employees and existing employees will see. Make this a useful resource where potential staff members may learn more about your camp. Here are some suggestions for outstanding Instagram highlights:

  • There are positions available. Include pictures or videos of staff members working those activity areas for each of your vacant jobs. For instance, you may mention jobs for division leaders, bunk crew, and lifeguards in this feature.
  • A regular day. Many new employees are unfamiliar with what a regular camp day entail. Use this highlight to show off the counsellors’ everyday activities and entertaining side.
  • Camp time amusement. Showcase the most enjoyable activities that staff members do in each camp in this feature.
  • Visas. This is an excellent resource for international workers to learn more about obtaining a visa for your camp and registering for your programme.

Use Instagram stories as a tool

More than 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day, and they significantly increase user engagement on the platform. Metrics often suggest that Instagram Stories get three to four times as many views as posts in the main feed. Use your Instagram Stories to share information about hiring new employees right now.

  • Employ engagement motivators. Incredible engagement options, including polls, quizzes, GIFs, music, and stickers, are already included in Instagram Stories. Make interesting staff material to publish using these tools, such as a “favorite staff playlist” or a poll asking what the staff would want to see as a reward for the next Christian Camps Indianapolis.
  • Showcase fresh and seasoned employees. Put a spotlight on each new employee in your Instagram story. When former staff members discover who will be attending camp, it may be a terrific approach to increase retention.
  • Tell others what’s new at camp. Sharing what is new and interesting at your Christian Camps Cincinnati is usually a wise move when competing with other programmes for staff members. Highlight recent upgrades, play areas, tools, and other things.

Use a variety of pictures, tales, and videos

When Instagram originally debuted on the social media scene, it had a straightforward idea. Wait for others to enjoy the picture once you take it and upload it. The top social media managers now make use of all the new capabilities that are available.

  • Multiple-image carousels inside a single post. Posting regularly is crucial, but if you publish too frequently, your fans may get weary. You may group similar photographs into a single post if you have the option to upload multiple images to a single post. Imagine if each employee had a profile picture. That could become too much. Just one example of when a carousel with many photos works better.
  • Instagram Stories are excellent for posting timely material. Have a forthcoming event? an event? a team you wish to support? Without making permanent updates that can rapidly become obsolete, you can do it in your tale. Additionally, we like sharing material via blogs and stories. If something is very important, you may add it to both locations, increasing the likelihood that people who engage in various ways will see it. We also like including material from other influencers, organizations, and individuals in our stories. It’s a great gesture to acknowledge someone, and you could even receive one in return. become too invested in a certain story? Simply mark it as a highlight, and it will remain on your profile until you decide to delete it.
  • Videos. Instagram is fantastic for brief, easily consumable video content. One-minute films may be posted as posts, or you can use the Reels function to publish longer videos. Videos may help bring the people, locations, and traditions of your camp to life in a way that sometimes a snapshot simply can’t. Shorter is always better.

Maximize video

Those with videos get roughly 38% higher engagement than posts with photographs, making videos one of the most engaging content formats on Instagram. Share any staff member-focused video.

  • IGTV. The Instagram TV (IGTV) platform is a fantastic platform for sharing films longer than one minute. Share any videos of the staff here as well as any things the staff would find interesting, such as waterfront highlights, events, and more.
  • Live on Instagram. If your camp does not have a lot of footage, going live on Instagram is a terrific method to offer video material. You may broadcast your staff members from certain recruitment activities, offer a staff Q&A, or provide a tour of the camp.

Bio and hashtags

Two other simple strategies to optimize Instagram’s search functionality are to use hashtags and update your bio. By using hashtags, you increase your chances of appearing when users search on Instagram as well as in the Explore and Search feeds.

  • Hashtags. In addition to categorizing information for individuals who are searching, hashtags increase the discoverability of content on Instagram. Use ten hashtags, including popular search phrases like #campjobs and #camprinternships, for each post relating to staff. Put these hashtags in the first remark under your Instagram photos.
  • Bio. The sentence in your Instagram bio that informs prospective employees that you are recruiting should be updated. Additionally, you may add pertinent hashtags to your profile. Make sure your bio contains a link to available staff openings.

Utilize Instagram’s strength and popularity to boost employee engagement and get the most out of your hiring efforts. You’ll attract more staff eyes this #HiringSeason if you make these fast and simple adjustments to your Instagram post strategy!