Lodge Meeting Room Space

The Lodge Meeting Room Space at Walnut Ridge Retreat Center is specifically tailored to host a variety of Christian-oriented events. It serves as an ideal venue for Indiana Christian camps, facilitating summer camps, teen camps, day camps, and youth camps focused on worship and learning about Jesus Christ. This retreat center is a beacon for those seeking a spiritual sanctuary in a camp setting, promoting fellowship and spiritual growth among campers of all ages. The space embodies the essence of a Christian retreat center, offering a peaceful and enriching environment for attendees to deepen their faith.

Willow Hall Meeting Space

Willow Hall Meeting Space at Walnut Ridge Retreat Center is designed to cater to various needs, including camp director led specialty camps, and youth camps, and serves as a versatile conference center. It’s an ideal setting for camp volunteers to organize activities and camp sessions, facilitating camping, bible study, ladies retreat, junior camp, day camp, and family camp experiences. This space embodies the essence of community and learning, providing a conducive environment for both education and spiritual growth.

  • Sounds Control Boards
  • Light Control Boards
  • 9’ x 5’ Digital Screens

Mission Building Kitchen/
Meeting Room

The Mission Building Kitchen/Meeting Room at Walnut Ridge Retreat Center is ideally suited for Christian camps Indiana, offering comfortable accommodations and a conducive environment for summer camp activities. It’s a perfect location for campers and young men attending Indiana Christian camp, providing essential summer camp info and facilities to enhance their stay. This space supports a nurturing and spiritual atmosphere conducive to learning and fellowship.

Outdoor Stage

The Outdoor Stage at Walnut Ridge Retreat Center provides an excellent venue for campers, teen camp, and youth camp activities, offering a dynamic setting for performances and gatherings. Located strategically as indicated on the camp map, it enhances the camping experience, encouraging outdoor engagement and community spirit.