Enhance Your Child’s Summer with an Indiana Christian Camp Experience

There’s something about camp for every kid to enjoy. For some, it is time away from home to learn how to be independent. For others, it’s learning new skills and making lifelong friends. Even the solitary activities at camp are appealing to kids as they strengthen their bond with nature.

You probably don’t need a long list of reasons to send your kids to camp. The value of a quality summer camp speaks for itself. Nevertheless, here are reasons to send your kids to camp this summer.

#1. Get the Kids Off Their Devices and Outside

Let’s face it; we could all use a screen time break more than ever after a year-plus of virtual school and work. We’ve been glued to our devices even more than ever recently. Summer camp is the perfect opportunity to unplug and enjoy the great outdoors. Camp is also excellent exercise and is filled with fun activities.

#2. Campers Are Encouraged to Try New Things

Camp exposes kids to so many new unique activities and experiences. From zip-lining to the water trampoline, high ropes to archery, life skills like building a fire or tying a knot. There is something for everyone. Campers get to be in the company of other kids their age try the new experiences that camp brings, allowing them to feel more comfortable asking questions and making mistakes.

#3. Camp Fosters Lifelong Friendships

The bond between bunkmates and fellow campers is strong. As the kids are molded by a positive environment that facilitates personal growth, the friendships they make at camp are often lifelong.

#4. Camp Helps Kids Become Independent

One of the most significant differences between camp and real life is that your kids venture out independently, and you are not there to help them with every daily decision. This may be scary (for both of you!) at first, but it is essential to growing into a healthy and independent adult. As a result, many campers experience leaps and bounds in their confidence after just one or two summers at camp.

#5. Develop a Closer Relationship with God

When you send your child to an Indiana Christian retreat camp, they are going to experience impactful chapel sessions, devotional time and be mentored and guided by Christian role models all week long. Kids at a Christian camp will grow in their faith while at camp and when they go home. It’s a place where the fundamentals of a life-long relationship with God are formed.

Some time away at camp also gives your kids the gift of relaxation. School, sports, fitting in, and peer pressure can get stressful for our kids. Camp allows kids to stop worrying about likes, followers, homework, and why Sally didn’t sit beside them at lunch. It will enable them to focus on being a kid and having some good old-fashioned fun. It’s a break we all deserve.

These are just a few of the many reasons you should send your child to summer camp. If you’re looking for an Indiana Christian retreat to send your kids off to camp this summer, we encourage you to check out the Walnut Ridge Retreat Center — we put God first in all things!