8 Benefits of Family Camping Explained

Not only can taking the entire family camping to provide lifelong memories, but it also teaches both parents and kids valuable life lessons. Finding a place where families may temporarily separate themselves from concentrating on the job of Christian discipleship, however, is where the true difficulty resides.

Family camp at Christian Camps Indiana can give us a much-needed break from the stresses of modern life by giving us a purposefully structured time for discipleship. This helps us increase our cognitive focus, promote a healthy lifestyle, strengthen our families, and, ultimately, live longer and be happier.

  1. Family camping provides opportunities for education

Your children may be tasked with drawing or taking pictures of different flora and animals, and then you can use Google to learn more about what you have discovered. An app like iNaturalist may help you learn on the fly if you have mobile service and desire a more spontaneous educational experience.

  1. Family camping helps in understanding nature

A camping vacation allows your family to experience and enjoy nature together. What we often are too busy to notice, we can see and hear. A few examples of the sights and sounds you may experience when camping is a beautiful  flower, the unique rock form, a mighty waterfall, and a hooting owl. Your family will get a lifelong appreciation of nature through camping outside, such as at Christian Camps Cincinnati, and they may be inspired to contribute to preserving our natural environment for future generations.

  1. Family camping helps us reconnect after unplugging our devices

Making the journey into the outdoors often entails leaving mobile phone towers behind and entering the tranquility of the natural world without the shackles of an internet connection. According to Common Sense Media research, kids spend an astounding nine hours each day on media and screens, confirming our dire need to unplug.

Families typically neglect to interact with one another face-to-face and might spend more time doing so when they spend time away from their technological gadgets. In reality, the typical family only provides care for one another for 31 minutes daily, according to 2016 research by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Thankfully, a natural setting like camping promotes meaningful time spent connecting with parents and kids.

Spending more time outside as a family might also help each person feel less stressed. According to research published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, participating in outdoor activities lowers the production of cortisol, the stress hormone. Lowering your cortisol levels also decreases your risk of depression, digestive issues, heart disease, learning challenges, weakened immunity, and weight gain.

  1. It involves mind and body involvement

We may improve our mental health by disconnecting from technology and spending time in nature. Participating in outdoor activities may improve higher-order cognitive abilities, including selective attention, problem-solving, inhibition, and multi-tasking, according to research published in PLOS One. All family members benefit from improved mental agility when parents and kids go camping together.

Exercise is more important than ever since, according to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly one in five children and adolescents and more than a third of adults are overweight or obese. Families should have fun and keep active by participating in sports, activities, or even just going on a trip in the woods to prevent weight gain.

Fortunately, the natural surroundings of Indiana Christian Camps often inspire physical exercise. There are several ways to remain in shape, from horseback riding and hiking to obstacle courses and aquatic sports.

  1. It provides hours and hours of activity

Several activities may be had when camping. Activities may be enjoyable (like reading a book in a hammock), instructive (like learning about animals), or thrilling (like hiking) (e.g. white water rafting). When you go camping, you may simply schedule your activities depending on your preferences and pace.

  1. It strengthens familial ties

This perk is possibly the most worthwhile of all associated with family camping. As kids become older and busier with their hobbies, activities, and friends, spending quality time together as a family becomes more and more difficult. Family camping provides an opportunity to escape the bustle of daily life, enjoy the outdoors, and bond with one another.

Camping with the family presents a special opportunity for a family vacation because it naturally turns into a fun team-building activity because each family member’s contributions can significantly impact the trip’s success. Family camping offers many chances to connect, whether setting up camp together, preparing meals as a group, conquering a strenuous climb, or just sitting around the campfire telling tales. Your feeling of community will soar when you’re outside, away from schedules and technological distractions.

  1. It boosts confidence

Children can gain a lot of confidence by going camping and spending time outside. The outdoors constantly presents chances to learn new skills and try new things. Consider the feeling of accomplishment you experienced after erecting your tent and campsite. Your kids can help you build your camp and learn self-reliance, independence, and tenacity.

Kids will have to step outside their comfort zone and develop personally if they try new things like kayaking or building a fire. Kids can take on a lot of new opportunities to learn and gain confidence while having fun when their family is there to provide them with safety and support.

  1. Provide a chance to collaborate in problem-solving

Camping and outdoor activities frequently provide the opportunity to practice critical problem-solving abilities in a group environment. Meeting these challenges can involve the entire family. Children can take part in figuring out how to handle changeable weather, erect a tent, or determine the best course on a map. These are only a few examples of the cooperative problem-solving abilities your kids can develop while you’re travelling.

  1. A collective experience together

The staff at Christian Camps Indianapolis will take care of all the little details by organizing activities, providing meals, and setting aside time to draw apart for discipleship, unlike traditional family vacations where mom and dad must create an entire itinerary. Parents can spend more time with their kids because they no longer have to spend time planning every last detail of their trip.

In addition, like-minded families come together at family camps to share experiences and perspectives while forming lifelong bonds. Families will benefit from receiving biblical instruction, engaging in Christian fellowship, and setting aside time for discussion and prayer to clarify their goals, objectives, and convictions as followers of Jesus Christ.