The Value of Camping for Children

Summer vacation is just around the corner, and many of us parents are organizing and planning what our children will do during those months. Most of us consider sending them to a camp and, indeed, we have many doubts about it, especially when it is the first time they are going to one. In addition, the offer is increasing and the modalities infinite.

We have the following info to answer our readers’ questions and find the most suitable one.

How to choose the most suitable

The first thing is to choose the theme since, today, the options are very varied. There are sports, multi-adventure, language, emotional intelligence based on other types of specific or multidisciplinary skills. The most important thing when choosing is that parents rely on their intrinsic motivation and that this is based on their tastes, preferences, and points to highlight or work.

Attending a camp will help them develop new qualities due to its great playful component; it is an excellent socialization platform and, therefore, facilitates relationships between equals, adds experts at Christian Camps Indianapolis. It is normal to feel sadness and fear, especially in the first days.

Also, if we are interested in improving their skills in a foreign language, we can look at a more specialized alternative. Camps with experts and based on project-based learning combine activities and dynamic classes so that they intensively practice another language while doing essential activities for your future. In this sense, they must carry out activities that interest them and are appropriate to their age while learning the language.

It is important that they perceive it as something playful, that it arouses interest and enriches them.

Whatever the decision we make, it is essential to choose a company with experience and guarantees that gives us peace of mind and, on the other hand, carefully study the positive aspects that it could bring them, with the aim that they are also happy.

What is the best age?

Another issue that usually worries us is the age at which they should go for the first time. This aspect depends a lot on each child, and there is no ideal age.

Experts of Indiana Christian camps agree that one could already go to one for three years, as long as it is urban. Of course, it would be necessary to assess the rest needs of the attendees and other aspects such as their adaptability and attachment.

Also, they conclude that the ideal stage to attend one with an overnight stay is 6 or 7 years old. In any case, everything would depend on your previous life experience.

On the other hand, it is considered that the most appropriate age to go to an organized activity abroad is between 10 and 14, yes, it is highly recommended that they have previously participated in one within our country.

At this point, we must decide on an urban camp or a residential one in which they spend several days away from home. We must also pay attention to the activities and facilities, since there are many possibilities, from hostels, urbanizations or camping in nature, to sports pavilions.

What do we do if they don’t want to go?

Once we’ve decided for them to go camping, what if he refuses to go? For experts in Christian Camps Cincinnati, it is best to seek motivational strategies to encourage them to participate; however, they recommend not imposing it on them; if forced, they will not enjoy it and can create a negative aversion to that space.

In any case, it may be that, despite everything, due to personal circumstances, we have no choice but to point it to one or, we decide to continue with our idea because we think it is good for them.  

What if they want to go home?

Once you are there, it is normal for you to feel sad and afraid, especially the first few days. But if you don’t stop crying and say you want to go home, the professionals’ experience and way of acting at each camp will play a fundamental role. They are the ones who must make the pertinent decisions and accompany them in their discomfort or his emotions. If they do not see progress and consider that the child is suffering, the most appropriate thing would be to call the parents to come and pick it up.

How we communicate with them

Another thing that disturbs us is the idea of ​​not communicating with them for so long, especially if they are young.

Whether or not they can carry a mobile will depend on the rules of each camp. Many allow them to have their device but only use it within specific hours. In others, they recommend not taking it, or it is not allowed directly, so as not to intercede in the dynamics and operation of the group; in these cases, there is usually a phone available so that they can call us, or a number for parents to contact, respecting the established norms. We must ask the staff and those in charge of the organization if any doubt is related to this matter.

What if they pee on the bed?

Nocturnal enuresis is a common disorder, especially among 5 or 6 years, but some cases last into adulthood. it is an “underdiagnosed and under-diagnosed disease.” Hence, it is important to go to the pediatrician or specialist doctor, the only one trained to determine the cause and the treatment.

Experts at Christian Camps Indiana recommend waiting for the optimal maturation moment in which the child can feel more secure since it is a situation that generally embarrasses, paralyzes him and can affect his self-esteem. If, despite this, a minor who wets the bed attends a camp, the most important thing is to inform those responsible so that they are informed so that they feel covered at all times.

Is it better that they go with friends ask experts at Christian Camps Indianapolis?

It is common for them to ask us to go to their friends’ camp because they feel they have their reference group close by. However, many parents prefer them to step out of their usual circle and cope with new situations. The problem comes when you ask them.

They should see the benefit of stepping outside their circle of friends. In any case, you always have to motivate them and tell them any news they will do there. Experts insist on the importance of doing this from a young age: “they will get used to making new friends every year and making decisions individually (not because others do).

Should siblings go together at Indiana Christian camps?

Siblings who spend a lot of time together can sometimes separate themselves when doing an activity outside their routine. A case usually occurs among those with a minimum age difference band or are twins. It may be that sending them to different camps creates too much trouble for the family when organizing everything since adjusting to dates, places, and other details will be necessary.

The most advisable thing is that they are put in separate groups if they go to it. For this, the organization should be notified in advance and the situation assessed. It is also convenient that, before going outside, they get used to doing activities individually.

How are allergies managed, are the staff prepared?

First, and before the activity begins, it should be reported on any aspect that may affect their health. Companies must have professionals and know the specific protocols on how to intervene in these cases. Still, for the action to be quick and effective, the families must inform them in advance.

Can you bring medicine?

As a general rule, yes, as long as a medical report and prescriptions accompany them. In addition, it is highly recommended by experts at Indiana Christian Camps that the organizers be informed about this as, in many cases, the staff themselves will be responsible for storing and dispensing the medications.

What type of legal documentation should we require?

It must be taken into account that, in many cases, they will spend several days outside, so we must know the responsibility assumed by the organization from the moment our child begins to be part of the activity. Ideally, the camp has Civil Liability, Accident and Medical Insurance.

Suppose the camp is held outside of our country. In that case, it is vital to know the coverage available to those registered. Some programs already include travel insurance. In others, attendees may be required to carry the European Health Card with them. In case they travel within the continent. They can also ask us for other types of documents of our children, such as the vaccination record.

Before making the final decision, it is very important to know these aspects well and the history of the center and the company, which must be up to date with all its legal obligations.

Are the workers qualified?

Both the monitors and the coordinators of any camp must have the corresponding title (Title of Monitor of Leisure and Free Time or Coordinator).

On the other hand, kitchen employees must have the food handler’s card unless the camp has a catering service, which, in any case, must comply with current legislation.