Valuing Camp Counselor Skills

“A camp counselor doesn’t have a job,” What skills would you ever gain when you spend the whole day running around and playing? “You don’t receive any rewards with seasonal jobs,” These are just a few myths about becoming a camp counselor that you may have heard, but fortunately, we have firsthand knowledge that none of them are accurate. Camp counselor work is difficult, but it also offers opportunities for advancement and actual advantages. Here is our list of the benefits for employers for choosing applicants with prior camp counseling experience,

Excellent at communicating

Effective communication skills are necessary for camp counselors to work with campers, parents, managers, and other counselors. The same counselor will phone the parent to inform them of the situation and reassure them that their child is secure and well-cared for if they see their child is ill or homesick. This offers the chance to practice various communication techniques and helps one learn how to speak with other individuals or groups in a manner that suits their requirements.

Counselors may develop in a social setting away from technological distractions, improving their teaming abilities. The absence of electronics at camp forces counselors to practice speaking to their coworkers and bosses face-to-face while they are “unplugged.” These very human qualities are essential for the modern work market, which necessitates the capacity for connection and collaboration. These life lessons cannot be taught in a textbook or via exam preparation in the classroom. But this is the reason why extracurricular activities like summer camp are so valuable. The Christian Camps Indiana experience equips employees with these crucial life skills, providing them a competitive advantage in the job market and everyday life

A perpetual learner

Working at Indiana Christian Camps teaches people that they have much to learn about themselves and the camp and their campers if they want to succeed there and in life. They can therefore approach every circumstance in life with an “I want to learn more” attitude after they have made that adjustment.

A person with resilience

There is nothing a camp counselor can’t manage. Just ask the counselor who spent four days teaching activity in the rain while helping a camper overcome homesickness, only to discover that there is a youngster in their cabin who has lice. When they hear this, instead of doing what any normal person would do and hiding, they take their gloves, strip all the mattresses in the cabin, send all the laundry to the cleaners, and line up all the campers outside to inspect each one for nits. We’ll say it again: camp counselors are capable of handling anything.

A solution-seeker

Although we try to keep everything at Christian Camps Indianapolis well-scheduled and structured, things may change at a moment’s notice. Imagine leaving the dining hall to play with campers and staff when you hear a sudden thunder crack and need to devise a new strategy quickly. Camp counselors are thus very great at seeking solutions.

An original thinker

Leave it to a camp counselor to think up the most clever and enjoyable game anybody has ever heard of when you need a new strategy. A counselor may sometimes need to lead a lesson that has never been given before, perform a brand-new skit or game, or both. A counselor could be called to deal with a distressed child from a whole other age group or mediate a conflict amongst kids that they are still getting to know well. There is no doubt that camp counselors must learn to cope with ambiguity and gain confidence in taking on challenging or novel responsibilities.

A meticulous worker

Remember that camp counselors are in charge of the most crucial aspect of a parent’s life. The importance of every detail is incredible! Did a youngster eat enough at breakfast, drink enough water, meet enough new friends, play soccer, miss their mother, have damp shoes, lose their sweater, etc.

A leader

It is amazing how fast camp counselors pick up on and embody their job. These counselors are excellent leaders, as seen by how the kids rave about them after they leave.

A team player

Some of the finest team players you will ever meet are camp counselors. They have discovered that they cannot complete the task independently and that teams give the greatest results. To meet each kid where they are in a camp environment, it helps to have staff members with a variety of personalities. The most entertaining game won’t be created by one individual but rather by a team of people working together, as camp counselors are well aware. Most persons who start in this profession initially believe they can handle everything but quickly realize that working alone is physically impossible.

Without good teamwork abilities, it would be difficult for a camp counselor to complete a summer effectively. Counselors collaborate in teams in their cabin with their age group and during the activities they lead. Together, they organize special events and oversee mealtimes. Together, they serve camper requirements, including settling social tension in a cabin or managing homesickness. A former camp counselor is extremely likely to prioritize team objectives and consistently discover methods to encourage other team members.

Strong work ethics

To someone who has never worked as a camp counselor, it may be hard to describe how demanding this position is. These college students labor nonstop for three months with no downtime and cheerfully do all the tasks.

Employers who have served as camp counselors are aware of the skills needed for this profession and often look for these candidates when filling openings. But now that word is getting out, having “Camp Counselor” on a resume may greatly increase a candidate’s attractiveness to employers. Working at Christian Camps Cincinnati during the summer is the ideal opportunity to round up your academic training with practical abilities that businesses look for in new workers. Even though a camp counselor is the last of a group to be recruited, he or she is probably the first to be promoted, as we sometimes remark.