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Meet the New Executive Director - Ethan McGivern!

After 25 years as a law enforcement officer, Ethan is looking forward to this new chapter in his life, pursuing purpose and fulfillment, at Walnut Ridge Christian Camp. He is married to Kimberley, his bride of over 20 years. They have five adult children and two grandchildren. Ethan has been very involved in many facets of ministry, including church security and men’s ministry. He is a graduate of the Indiana School of Ministry and is pursuing his licensure through the Assemblies of God.  He has a passion for leadership, teaching, counseling, anything to do with the outdoors, and spreading the Word of God.  His life’s ambition is to empower people to be their best, while serving in the Kingdom with excellence.  “I want to provide a safe place for people to pray, worship and freely commune with God.”

I have been working in ministry with Ethan McGivern for 20 years, and I can say with absolute certainty, that he is a man after Gods own heart. Being an avid outdoorsman and retired police officer, he brings a diverse mix of expertise to the administrative team at Walnut Ridge Retreat Center (WRRC). He is an empowering leader, striving for excellence not only for himself, but for his team members as well. God has blessed Ethan with a passion for the vision of WRRC, as we partner with group leaders to create a fun and intimate retreat experience where we embrace God, together.

Dr. Stacy Johnson – CFO


In 1940, the Hickory Hill Canning Factory occupied our 50-acre space within the woods. After its closing, a private residence was built in the 1970’s and is now the Hilltop Lodge. In the mid 80s, Young Life purchased the residence and added the ‘gymnasium’ down the hill. At that point in time, the camp could only house 40 guests. In 1995, Walnut Hills purchased the camp from Young Life and expanded both the acreage and housing capacity. The camp went from 50 to 65 acres and 40 to 100 guests. In 2014, Ted Hayes purchased the camp, changed the name to Walnut Ridge, added the outdoor stage, paintball course, swing set, slide and remodeled the gymnasium into the Willow Hall. In 2017, the Johnson family began managing the camp. Their vision is to create a fun and intimate retreat experience where they embrace God, together.

Walnut Ridge Team

God first in all things.
Dr. Stacy Johnson


Jeanine Johnson
Food Service Coordinator

Ethan McGivern

Executive Director
Josh and Kendall Biggs
Operations Managers