May 26, 2021
Top 5 Reasons to Send Your Child to a Indiana Christian Camp

There's something about camp for every kid to enjoy. For some, it is time away from home to learn how to be independent. For others, it's learning new skills and making lifelong friends. Even the solitary activities at camp are appealing to kids as they strengthen their bond with nature. You probably don't need a long list […]

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April 2, 2021
Not your average Christian Camp in Indiana!

After 15 years of serving groups through our various Christian camp experiences, its always good to reflect on the great times I had.  Whether it is a worship night in Willow Hall, a competitive game of ga-ga ball, or taking a ride on paddle boats around the lake, Walnut Ridge Christian Retreat Center touched my […]

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January 28, 2021
"Escape From The Craziness!" - Mark Petty's view of Christian Camping

It was on the western side of Cincinnati, Ohio at Calvary Christian day camp where it all began. Our church transported us to a summer camp full of activities and enjoyment that every kid dreamed of. It was one day on that hillside that I heard a story from a dummy. That’s right, a dummy. […]

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August 15, 2018
Our First Summer

I remember when summer used to fly by as a kid. After college, ‘summer break’ was no longer and I was working every day, all year round. The summers never flew by as quickly as they used to after graduation. That is, until Jon and I started directing Walnut Ridge Retreat Center. This past summer […]

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March 3, 2018
WRRC’s First Annual Revival

On July 22. 2017, Walnut Ridge Retreat Center was ready to be shown to the public! In the late afternoon, the retreat center had an open house for the community to come in and experience the camp firsthand. But beyond just showing the incredible beauty and character of Walnut Ridge, we wanted to do something […]

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February 7, 2018
Happy Birthday to Walnut Ridge Christian Retreat Center!

On April 1st, 2018 Walnut Ridge turns a year old under Johnson management. It is absolutely amazing to look back and see the transformation the camp has undergone within its first year. Throughout the summer, we painted every single room on campus, cleaned every nook and cranny possible, and mowed for four hours every single […]

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January 3, 2018
Jon & Corinne Johnson: Camp Directors

As two 23-year-olds running an entire camp, we get asked the same question, a lot: “How did you guys end up here?” Well, great question. There’s a story for that. Jon and I both graduated from high school in 2013, but in different states. While Jon was raised in Martinsville, Indiana, I was growing up […]

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